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Build a high-ROI automation pipeline with AI-powered task analysis

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UiPath Task Mining uses a data-driven approach to gain deeper understanding of tasks employees perform on their desktops to identify process improvement areas and automation candidates.​

Record Task Mining

Discover how work gets done​

Capture variations of a specific task and merge them into a comprehensive view or mine the unknown areas to identify repetitive tasks with AI-powered analysis.

Understand the data

Understand the data

Visualize collected information, analyse variations, patterns, intents, and bottlenecks.​ ​

Predict the cost and time impact of identified opportunity with AI-driven analysis techniques.

Transform your ideas into actions - focus

Transform your ideas into actions

Remove redundant activities to increase efficiency, improve tasks end-to-end.​ ​

Automate tasks based on ROI and transformation objectives.

Quickly transform RPA pipeline into RPA profit

Get peace of mind with built-in security and privacy​

Task Mining only records from approved applications and domains that you can set up per project. Data uploads and transfers are encrypted, and privacy policies enable compliant decisions.

Continuous Discovery Summit
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Continuous Discovery Summit

February 9—Join this virtual event and see how Continuous Discovery lets you understand, innovate, and automate to drive greater value across every process.

Gain deeper understanding of existing business processes happening on employees' desktops ​


Assisted Task MiningCapture the known

Empower your employees to capture variations of a knowntask and easily merge these into a comprehensiveview of the existing process​.


Unassisted Task MiningMine the unknown​

Record your employees’ desktop activities and discoverrepetitive tasks that are suited for automationand process improvement​.

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"UiPath Task Mining helped us overcome the first stumbling blocks of having subject matter experts be able to explain what they do in ‘bot-eez’. As we continue to automate more complex finance processes, Task Mining will become even more critical in defining the as-is, which will accelerate our automation program."

Bob Hartman 

Chief Accounting Officer, Stoneridge

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2022 Gartner® Market Guide for Task-Mining Tools

Continuous Discovery Level100 (CFD) (1)

Discovery products working together​

Process Mininganalyze data from business applications to understand end-to-end processes​ ​

Task Mininganalyze work people ​ do to find everyday repetitive tasks​ ​

Automation Hubcentrally capture and manage automation opportunities and process improvements, prioritized by impact and ROI ​

Use AI to find more ROI in automating day-to-day activities