Find out what developers say about their job satisfaction and the future of their careers

The annual industry report offers detailed insights into RPA developer career

For three years in a row, we have taken the pulse of the RPA developer community with the scope to learn and guide them further in their journeys.  

This report will help you grasp insights about the state of the RPA developers in modules like demographics, attitudes, education, training, benefits, habits, RPA technologies, and UiPath.  

We surveyed over 1,500 RPA robotic process automation developers globally and analyzed key insights on their proficiency level.  

Are you a hiring manager or a center of excellence (CoE) leader?   

Deep dive into what drives RPA developer job satisfaction and what these in-demand professionals are envisioning for their future careers.  


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Thank you all for being part of this extensive research. We support automation journeys through meetups, forums, and hackathons hosted by the most valuable professionals (MVPs) and top contributors in the UiPath Community. Join us here!


Corina Gheonea, Director of Marketing Community  

Oana Chicioroaga, RPA Content Manager  

The State of the RPA Developer

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