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Enable the CFO office with finance and accounting automation

Fast-track your agile finance transformation

Discover how automation improves supplier and customer experiences and enables data-driven decision making.

Fast-track digital transformation with finance and accounting RPA


of sales order workload can be shifted to robots


faster reconciliation times


greater transaction processing capacity
RPA digitizes your F&A operations faster than you thought possible

Make your ‘to-do’ list an ‘already done’ list

Automation transforms highly manual, repetitive tasks in complex application environments into smoothly running processes that give your team time back for more strategic work. 

Turn finance and accounting bottlenecks into breakthroughs

Hear from your peers who have already automated
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Hear from your peers who have already automated

"PeerPaper™ Report 2022 Realizing the Benefits of RPA in Finance and Accounting"

See Finance process automation in action

Decrease your day sales outstanding (DSO)

Eliminate the billing errors that frustrate customers and delay payments and reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) by automating sales order entry, billing, and cash application.

See how Bilfinger improves their customer experience
Procure to pay

Create more operating leverage

Optimize days payable outstanding (DPO) by accelerating invoice processing, and transform the supplier experience with faster onboarding and streamlined communication.

See how NTT Communications optimizes supplier management processes

Improve your reporting accuracy and speed

Optimize cashflow, lower credit risk, and streamline intercompany payments and reconciliations.

See how EDF Energy improves timeliness of disclosure and reporting

Drive up treasury efficiency and productivity

Empower treasury analysts to identify investment opportunities with greater speed and confidence, and decrease uninvested cash by improving cash-forecast reliability. 

Do more—with less time, lower costs, and greater accuracy


When software robots take over rules-based and repetitive finance and accounting tasks, you empower your team of experts to take on a more strategic, consultative role.


Be ready for whatever the future has in store. Automation can help fuel growth by increasing your capacity to expand into new markets, onboard new vendors and partners, and integrate new acquisitions.


Take the risk out of managing risk with thoroughly documented audit trails and transaction histories. Software robots excel at collecting and integrating the data needed to streamline compliance and keep auditors and regulators happy.


With automation, you don’t have to wait for month-end and quarterly reports for insight. You can create a reliable single source of financial truth that guides smarter, data-driven decisions and helps your entire business think and act in concert.


Get quicker insight into where you are and where you need to be. Eliminate the ‘swivel chair’ work of switching between multiple, incompatible systems, and free staff for innovative thinking and creative problem solving.


Don’t waste the time and expertise of your qualified and certified professionals on tedious work. Drive down costs and improve employee experiences by automating the day-to-day.

Digitizing the Manufacturing Industry with Intelligent Automation
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White paper

How AI-powered finance automation delivers transformative business value

Enabling finance-driven digital transformation with AI-powered automation

Automate your finance and accounting department end-to-end


Seamless data extraction

Software robots can read screens, navigate interfaces, and pull information from scanned documents—faster and more accurately than their human colleagues.


Drag-and-drop artificial intelligence (AI)

With AI, software robots can emulate aspects of human decision making to streamline a wider range of financial and accounting processes. 


Unstructured data analysis

Data from different sources in different formats? Software robots can find the needed information and do what needs to be done.


Task/process mining

Which finance and accounting practices are the best candidates for automation? You don’t have to rely on intuition and educated guesses. UiPath Task Mining and Process Mining can help you discover your best opportunities.

Reinvent the business, not the wheel

Our prebuilt automations and ready-to-go connectors can give you a head start on a more innovative future for finance and accounting.  

Stop pushing paper, and start driving change

Turn finance and accounting into the seat of innovation. We’ll show you how.