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UiPath 2022.10 Release

Where automation leads to greater innovation

2022.10 Release Virtual Event

A new way of operating

The UiPath Business Automation Platform provides the foundation for strategic, enterprise-wide automation in a world where every business enterprise must operate as a digital business.

Automation is no longer a discretionary line item. It’s being embraced as a strategic imperative and a new way of operating and innovating – leading to more profitable growth, higher cost savings, and enhanced customer and employee experiences.

Join us on November 15 as we show you how to transform from business-as-usual to business-as-digital. 

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Keynote - 20 min.

UiPath 2022.10: Enabling Automation-Fueled Transformation

Join us for an overview of the 2022.10 release which offers enhancements that allow businesses to automate more, automate faster and with less friction, expand user and builder bases, and operate more efficiently and effectively.

ted kummert uipath

Ted Kummert

Breakout session - 45 min.

Rapidly Build Your Next-Gen Business Apps

The UiPath Platform delivers low-code experiences that use the power of automation to quickly build new business processes and adapt existing ones. The 2022.10 release offers expanded low-code and cross-platform experiences that not only reduce build time and complexity for automation experts, but also make it easier to increase your pool of citizen developers.

brandon knott uipath

Brandon Nott

magda neagu uipath blog

Magda Neagu

Breakout session - 45 min.

A New Foundation for Continuous Discovery

Achieving the most efficient path that meets customer needs at the speed and urgency required to meet business challenges hits a wall when you consider the mesh of business systems, people working on them, and procedures put in place. Join this session to learn how the organizations that have successfully transformed their processes and managed to keep them at their optimized state whilst achieving their desired business outcomes are leveraging Continuous Discovery.  

palak kadakia uipath

Palak Kadakia

Breakout session - 45 min.

Enhanced Platform Intelligence Powers More Use Cases

Businesses rely on documents, messages, and employee interactions with a wide range of enterprise systems to keep their most critical processes moving forward. But this massive amount of data being keyed in by teams is a significant drain on their time, which could be better used to provide more strategic and business-critical value to their business. Join us to hear about how UiPath is expanding its capabilities for AI, OCR, and NLP to further enable end-to-end business automations.

edward challis uipath

Edward Challis

Andras Palfi Headshot

Andras Palfi

Monica Luca

Monica Luca


Cameron Mehin

Breakout session - 45 min.

Enterprise-Grade Platform for the Most Demanding Business and IT Needs

Join this session to see how our enterprise-grade capabilities get even higher grades for their significantly enhanced security, compliance, resilience, and flexibility. In 2022.10, Automation Cloud now supports delayed enterprise releases that allow more testing time. In addition, Automation Cloud robots now have site-to-site VPN support, allowing them to automate systems and data that live in private clouds.

geoff anderson uipath blog

Geoff Anderson

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