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Automation Cloud Robots

Meet your new SaaS workforce

No infrastructure? No problem! Build and run robots quickly whenever you want, with SaaS robots hosted in the UiPath Automation Cloud™


Instant, limitless robot power with zero infrastructure


Serverless or VM-based


Delivered and managed from Automation Cloud

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VM Automation Cloud Robot

Super flexible Windows VM-based robots can quickly spin up in Automation Cloud from standard or customized images. Configure them how you want and get automating in minutes—with zero infrastructure.

  • Windows-based, to run automations that include working with Windows apps

  • No requirement to manage your own physical or public cloud infrastructure

  • Supports third-party software installation, domain join, and point-to-site VPN connection back to your own network for flexibility

  • Completely SaaS: managed from Orchestrator in the Automation Cloud

Serverless Automation Cloud Robot

Serverless Automation Cloud Robot

A serverless—and limitless—pool of robots running unattended workflows on-demand in the cloud without spinning up VMs. Just send them jobs via browser from your Windows, Mac, or Linux and watch the magic happen.

  • Runs cross-platform API and Web-based automations

  • No VM or robot configuration required

  • Can run many jobs in parallel

  • Charged per execution minute via Robot Units

  • Managed from Orchestrator in the Automation Cloud

Great robots deserve a great manager. Here it is.

Great robots deserve a great manager. Here it is.

Put your robots where the work is and manage them from anywhere with Automation Cloud™ Orchestrator. Securely and enterprise-wide. 

  • Manage all your robots, SaaS, or self-hosted 

  • Logging, monitoring, and governance  

  • SOC® 2 type 2 attestation 

  • Data encrypted in-transit and at-rest 

  • Integrated with optional UiPath Cloud Insights for deep trend analysis 

  • Long-term log storage option on public cloud storage services 

  • Role-based access control for separation of roles across the entire automation lifecycle 

The services you need with the delivery you want

All the robot power you want—when you want it, and all the services you need—instantly

Get the full power of UiPath working for you in the fastest and easiest way possible with cloud-native services that expand automation without expanding your infrastructure.

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