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UiPath AI Summit: Supercharge your robots with AI

What is AI Summit?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has always been a key component of robotic process automation (RPA). This powerful duo can help organizations boost team productivity, speed up business transformation, and do more fulfilling work.

Register for the AI Summit to see how AI and RPA are creating the next generation of hybrid workforce across every industry. Learn from industry experts about the possibilities of semantic automation, real-life use cases of scaling RPA with AI, and practical insights to accelerate AI adoption in your company.

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Keynote session: AI, automation, and future of work

AI becomes capable of seeping into every application and technology we use, and the pandemic has shown the need for technology. Together with Forrester and AllenAI, UiPath drives AI further to build a better future of work.

Dr. Oren Etzioni

Dr. Oren Etzioni


Leslie Joseph

Tony Tzeng headshot

Tony Tzeng


Industry breakout sessions: How AI remodels business across industries

Watch the industry sessions featuring multiple real-world use cases of how global organizations use AI to lead their (and your) industry. Hear from your peers in banking and finance, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, and public sector.

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Practical AI: Live demo and lessons learned from real AI projects

AI is built into every part of the UiPath Platform, freeing the human workforce to focus on tasks that have greater impact. See this session to learn some of the AI project deployment best practices and see UiPath AI products in action.

Steve Tegeler

Steve Tegeler

Daniel Lerner

Daniel Lerner

Radu Pruna

Radu Pruna

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