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UiPath Academic Alliance

Develop in-demand RPA skills for students at your institution

Automation skills for the workforce of today and tomorrow

We work with leading schools and workforce development organizations to equip students and professionals with the skills they need for an automated world.

Academic Alliance - Opening paths to exciting automation careers​

Together we are

  • Instituting RPA as a new discipline and differentiator

  • Opening paths to exciting automation careers​


We partner with:

Higher education institutions:

  • Universities

  • Colleges

  • Community / Vocational Colleges

Workforce development organizations:

  • Governments

  • Professional Bodies / Associations

  • Not-for-profit training organizations

UiPath Visionary Educators

Visionary Educators

  • Meet this year’s distinguished educators who have gone above and beyond to prepare their students for future of work

  • Learn from their initiatives and experience to create a positive impact on society

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We promise you


Great Curricula

Specially designed and developed Robotic Process Automation (RPA) curricula


Free Software

UiPath software for all enrolled students and educators


Promotional Support

Customizable promotion assets for you to promote and create RPA awareness among your students


Industry Leading Certification

Increase credibility, career marketability and recognition of your students via the prestigious UiPath certification

Academic Alliance Program Guide
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Download Academic Alliance program guide

Uncover everything needed to start teaching RPA.

UiPath Academic Alliance - Master automation today.

Watch what automation can do for students

We invite educators from around the world to join the UiPath Academic Alliance. Be an RPA pioneer and empower your students with the skills and connections they need to become automation experts.

A Robot for Every Student

A Robot for Every Student

Your students can…

  • Build robotic assistants to work faster and smarter, conduct research more easily, find financial aid, or even automate the job hunt

  • Create their own startup with automation at its heart

  • Help the university automate manual processes

  • Develop in-demand RPA skills for a rewarding future

For employers—find RPA talent

For employers—find RPA talent

UiPath Academic Alliance is filled with thousands of motivated, entry-level RPA-skilled students from diverse backgrounds around the world. After completing RPA courses, students are ready to be employed in entry-level jobs and internships. Some educators in our network have agreed to get connected with employers.

Please click the link below to browse through contacts of educators who are confident that their students are ready for an RPA career.

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Are you an educator or administrator at a university or workforce development organization?​

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Become a UiPath Certified Professional

Students and Educators are provided all necessary training and resources for free to help them prepare and successfully achieve UiPath Certification.

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Are you a student?

Want to have RPA taught at your institution? Share this page with your teachers or learning departments and start learning RPA online withUiPath Academy. ​

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Need a little inspiration?

Connect with our community of RPA developers and partner companies to learn, make friends, and build a dynamicautomation resume​.

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